Yokohama Tire Reviews And Ratings

Tokyo based Yokohama tire company began in 1917 as a joint venture.

It took almost 50 years before the Japanese company made its way to selling tires in the USA.

Currently the company has 2 primary American locations where it builds and ships out tires.

Is Yokohama A Good Brand?

With over 100 years under its belt, the Yokohama tire company continues to manufacture quality products.

Yokohama’s advancements in tire production include the unique STEM design that reinforces casing for heavy loads and improved tread profiles.

Additionally, the company offers tires that meet SmartWay’s low-rolling resistance standards for improved efficiency.

Below is a list of the current tires that Yokohama builds and sells through it’s distributors.

Are Yokohama Tires more Expensive?

Over the last couple decades, the prices of tires has risen considerably.

When it comes to pricing Yokohama is really not more expensive than any other brands.

They do offer some extreme performance tires which can cost as much as $200+ per tire, but this does not reflect prices overall for the brand.

List Of Tires And Reviews

Below you will find a catalog of the latest tires offered from Yokohama by application, along with a review page listing.

Summer Tires

Advan Apex V601 – Read Review

Advan A052

Advan Neova AD08R

Advan Fleva V701

All-Season Tires

Avid Ascend GT

Avid Ascend LX

Advan Sport A/S+



Winter Tires

iceGuard iG53

iceGuard iG52

BlueEarth Winter V905

Off-Road Tires

Geolandar A/T G015

Geolandar X-AT

Geolandar M/T G003

Geolandar X-MT