Tires By Vehicle

There are hundreds of vehicle models and currently over 60 automotive brands worldwide on the market.

This creates a staggering amount of tire variations, bolt patterns and sizes.

To make your tire hunting expedition easier we have it sorted for you.

Below you can select your make of vehicle.  You will then be directed to a list of models to choose from, to see which tires are a good fit.

Below is a list of some questions you may have asked yourself about car manufacturers and their connection to the tire industry.

Why are there so many sizes on tires? Wouldn’t it make more sense to have fewer sizes for most cars so consumers can make easier choices?

The answer to that comes down to the fact that safety regulation, aerodynamics, weight of a vehicle, and strength of a tire are all factors that have to be considered with every vehicle that comes off the factory line. There is no single one fits all solution, and as the tastes of drivers change along with technological advancements, tires just keep improving. This all requires additional refinement with size and shapes. 

Why don’t car companies just make their own tires?

While a car company could build it’s own tire, the practicality and profitability to do so would be lacking. Most tire companies have 100 or more years of experience, and specialize in certain types of tires. An automotive company would limit itself in terms of who it could sell to by producing it’s own branded tires.