Toyota Tires By Vehicle Model

Choose your vehicle from the list of current Toyota models below to see the most optimal tires and proper fitment.

  • Avalon
  • Corolla
  • Camry
  • Highlander
  • Land Cruiser
  • Prius
  • Rav4
  • Sienna
  • Supra
  • Sequoia
  • Tacoma
  • Tundra
  • 4Runner
  • Yaris

The History Of Toyota

Toyota’s history starts in 1933, as a division of Toyoda Automatic Loom Works devoted to the production automobiles. This division was led by the founder’s son, Kiichiro Toyoda, who had traveled across the world in 1929 to try and do some research on automobile production. This would lead Kiichiro to take a deep look into gasoline-powered engines a year after investigating the automobile industry. The Japanese government encouraged Toyoda Automatic Loom Works to enter the automobile industry. By 1934, the division headed by the young Toyoda had produced its first engine.

The Type A Engine was first used in the Model A1 passenger car in May of 1935, and in the G1 truck during the August of 1935. The official production of the Model AA passenger cars began a year later in 1936. A year later, the Toyota Motor Co. was established, standing alone, and bearing a separate identity than its parent company. Toyota would once again begin production for the Japanese government, mainly manufacturing trucks to aid the government in its war against China. After the war ended, Japan faced severe economic hardship, but Toyota still decided to take a chance on the market in 1947 and started car production. By 1949, the company was facing bankruptcy.

The company would receive a surprise in the form of a loan from a few banks. The company had been saved from the brink of disaster. And by June of 1950, it had only produced a total of 300 trucks. It was time for a change and that change would come in the form of new company president, Taizo Ishida, who took over the position in August of 1950. With a new face and fresh ideas, Toyota looked to make a comeback.

After an order from the US Military of over 5,000 vehicles, the Toyota Motor Co. had officially been revived. The 1950s was a very strong period of growth for the company as they created a separate sales company, the Toyota Motor Sales Co., which last 32 years, and they even produced the first Japanese car to ever be exported to the United States and Brazil. They also established a company in Brazil, known as the Toyota do Brasil, S.A.

After 70-plus long years of exceptional service, Toyota now faces the uncertain future of the automotive industry as a powerhouse that has built upon years of tradition and innovation. Toyota brought much-needed attention to the Japanese automotive industry with the very first export of a Japanese vehicle to American and Brazilian soil. In the present day, Toyota has maintained its reputation through the consistent production of long-lasting, fuel-efficient vehicles that have looks that trump their impressive specs.

Toyota was once knocking on the doorstep of being forgotten forever, but now that has all changed. Toyota is one of the names that will last forever in the car industry and it has produced plenty of timeless classics that will be remembered for a lifetime.