Sumitomo HTR A/S P02 Tire Review

The HTR A/S P02 from Sumitomo is built for traction in the High Performance All-Season tire market with both V and H speed ratings.

Review Summary: The Sumitomo HTR A/S P02 conducts itself well on dry highways and streets with high grades on traction and steering. The area where we see an impediment is with gradual noise increasing before the life of the tire is fully depleted.

Below, we will isolate each area and provide more in-depth discovery of performance aspects.

Let’s jump in!

Dry Pavement Performance

Traction on dry tarmac or any surface clear of water is excellent. Cornering and stability is also good and should the need arise, avoiding a deer or debris on the road is relatively a breeze.

The sipes that provide great traction resemble in some ways the pattern of winter tires as driving on these tires feels light, with the soft compounds they are constructed with.

HTRA/S P02 Tread Pattern
Sumitomo HTR tread technology and sipe groove design.

Initial sound is very minimal and driving is enjoyable with a fresh set of these Sumitomo tires. After about 10,000 miles of driving though, sound increases considerably from loss of tread.

Wet And Rainy Driving

Light rain is not an issue for these Sumitomo tires, and even with heavily drenched roads, these tires did a decent job at evacuating rain.

There is noticeable noise during turns when the tires are wet, and that may be due to the design of the tread.

Control and stability is modest, and is better than expected considering the cost of these tires after mounting is a third of the price of many high performance tires before installation.

Winter And Snow Response

These tires handle alright in light snow, with a slightly delayed response when turning and steering.

Anything heavier than a flurry, and we recommend dedicated winter tires that.

Even with an all wheel drive vehicle, winter driving traction is not too great with these HTR A/S P02 tires.

Additional Specs

Uniform Tire Quality Grade: 500 AA

Maximum Load Capability range: 1,235 – 2,309 pounds

Tire Weight Range: 21-29 pounds

Tire Revolutions Per Mile Range: 717 – 856

Warranty And Rebates

A variation in warranty is found depending on speed rating.

The H-speed and V-speed rated tires come with a 65,000 mile or 5 year warranty; whichever comes first.

The W-speed rated tires come with a warranty of 45,000 miles or 4 years; whichever comes first.

Note: All 4 tires must be of equal size to qualify for the warranty.

An optional special warranty effective as of writing this is for a 30 day test from the manufacturer.

Sumitomo HTR A/S P02 Sizes

SizeModel Number
16"205/55R16 94W
235/60R16 100W
17"205/45R17 88W
205/50R17 93W
215/45R17 91W
215/50R17 91W
215/55R17 94W
225/45R17 94W
225/50R17 94W
225/55R17 101W
235/45R17 94W
235/50R17 96W
235/55R17 99W
245/50R17 99W
275/40R17 98W
18"215/45R18 93W
225/45R18 95W
225/50R18 95W
235/40R18 95W
235/45R18 94W
235/50R18 101W
245/40R18 97W
245/45R18 100W
255/35R18 94W
255/40R18 99W
19"235/55R19 105W
245/40R19 94W
245/45R19 98W
255/35R19 96W
20"245/45R20 103W
255/45R20 105W

Commonly Found On Vehicle List

  • Acura MDX
  • BMW 535i
  • Cadillac SRX
  • Dodge Dart
  • Honda Fit
  • Jeep Cherokee
  • Subaru Outback

Final Thoughts

Overall the Sumitomo HTR A/S P02 sticks well on hot dry Spring and Summer days, and manages decently in rain and light winter environments. This tire is not pretty to look at but gets the job done at an extremely low price when compared to other high performance tires.

If money is not a factor in choosing tires, we would recommend something that has a little better performance such as the upgraded technology of the Destination LE3.

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