Pirelli Tire Reviews And Ratings

Below you will find our reviews for specific model Pirelli tires along with specs and ratings.

But first…

Let’s get a little history on what made the Pirelli brand what it is today.

Founded in 1872 in Milan Italy, Pirelli is a tire manufacturing company that builds tires. They make a wide range of sizes for not only automobiles, but also bikes and motorcycles.

The founder Alberto Pirelli is known for inventing the wide radial tire. Famous brands associated with Pirelli include Porsche and Lancia. Both Italian companies partnered with Pirelli for tire solutions in the 1970s.

Friends who may have had an impact on his business and life may have included people such as Umberto Eco, an Italian novelist.

Today Pirelli still operates under the Italian name, but was purchased in 2015 by ChemChina. They employ over 31,000 people and continue to manufacture tires for high end sports cars.

Pirelli also sponsors several Grand Prix events each year, and is the single tire partner for Formula One.

Interesting Finds: Pirelli developed balloon tires for the Lamborghini Huracan that operated on and off-road.

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