Lexus Tires By Vehicle Model

Choose one of the Lexus vehicles from the list below, to get matched with a tire that will fit your needs and demands on the road.

  • ES 300
  • ES 350
  • GS 300
  • GS 350
  • GS F
  • GX 460
  • IS 300
  • IS 350
  • LC 500
  • LS 500
  • LX 570
  • NX 300
  • RC 300
  • RX 450
  • UX 200
  • UX 250

The History Of Lexus

Lexus started in 1983 as a part of Toyota’s new luxury division to compete with Nissan and Honda as the two companies launched their Infiniti and Acura brands. The very first model, the Lexus LS 400 debuted 6 years later in January of 1989. But before the release of Lexus’s first car, Toyota used an ingenious strategy before the first vehicle was built for their new brand.

Toyota sent its researchers to the U.S. market in 1985 to focus on research groups aimed at luxury consumers and trends in the automotive market. A multitude of designers for the company spent some time in Laguna Beach, California to take a closer look at the lifestyles of the American consumers that they considered upper-class. Toyota even tested their prototypes in different locations across the world, from Germany to the U.S. The company concluded that it needed to create a different brand and sales channel to make a profit off its new vehicle. There were also plans that Toyota made to create connections with dealerships across the U.S. market.

By 1986, Toyota had come up with a list of 219 names and the final battle came down to the names Vectre, Verone, Chaparel, Calibre, and Alexis. Alexis was the name that the company settled on before officially settling on the name Lexus, that was simply the restructuring the Alexis name that they had officially settled upon. The original slogan came from Lexus’s designers keen, and borderline obsessive, attention to detail. It was decided that “The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection” would be the words that Toyota would choose to represent their Lexus brand. In 1988, Toyota would tease consumers with the first ads that featured the Lexus name and logo at auto shows that took place in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

After tinkering with 450 prototypes and spending over $1 billion in costs, in 1898, the LS 400 was finally ready for the market. Backed by a $1 million advertising campaign, Lexus quickly established itself as the new face of luxury vehicles. The money was well spent, as Lexus quickly establish customer loyalty, resulting in the shocking 29% and 19% drops of sales for BMW and Mercedes-Benz. In only four months, Lexus had reached its yearly sales goal with 16,392 vehicles sold.

During the first full year of sales, Lexus was able to see over 63,000 vehicles on the market in the U.S. and began its expansion into the European market. And Lexus continued to thrive from that point on, establishing itself as a worldwide brand.

Lexus was a brand that Toyota believed in and the company was so confident in what the brand would offer to consumers that it was willing to spend billions just to ensure the project would be a success. 37 years later, that large investment spent before the sale of a single vehicle is still paying dividends as Lexus continues to produce some of the best in class luxury vehicles available for consumers on the market today. With plans to expand towards the market in Mexico by 2021, Lexus looks to continue its “Relentless Pursuit of Perfection”.