Land Rover Tires By Vehicle Model

Make a choice from the following list of Land Rover vehicles to see which tire is a good option for you based on your local weather and driving style.

  • Defender
  • Discovery
  • Hybrid
  • Ranger Rover

The first design for the original Land Rover began in 1947 by Maurice Wilks, who was chief designer at the Rover Company during the time. He came up with the concept on his farm in Anglesey, which is in Wales. It is said that the design of the first vehicle was inspired by the Jeep, which was highly popular at the time. The official prototype for the first Land Rover was called Centre Steer and was built upon the base of a Jeep.

Despite having debuted the first Land Rover in April of 1948, the Land Rover Company wasn’t official until 30 years later in 1978. This was made possible by British corporation Leyland Motor Corporation taking over Rover Company in 1967 and absorbing it into the British Leyland Motor Corporation. The Land Rover was already successful by the time of the takeover by Leyland Motors, but the Range Rover was also introduced in the 70s and the duo dominated, eventually leading Leyland Motor Corporation to establish a completely separate Land Rover company that would last with the company until 1988 when the Rover Group manufacturing company was bought by British Aerospace after British Leyland was eventually disbanded and privatized.

Rover Group would remain with British Aerospace until it was acquired by BMW in 1994. 6 years later, BMW disbanded Rover Group and sold Land Rover to Ford, where the brand eventually became a part of Ford’s Premier Automotive Group. But that wouldn’t be the last time that the company would be passed around.

In 2008, Ford sold Land Rover, along with Jaguar, to Indian company Tata Motors. Tata Motors would merge the two immediately to form Jaguar Land Rover Limited, but only as a British subsidiary and not as one company. Up until 2013, the two had been operating as separate companies, but as part of a fundamental restructuring of both companies, it was decided that it would be best to combine the two. Land Rover and Jaguar are now, to this day, manufactured and marketed by the same company.

Since the merger, Jaguar and Land Rover have been able to produce some of the most luxurious cars on the market. Long before the two companies merged as one, Land Rover has always been a luxury vehicle, and its hefty reputation certainly followed behind it, no matter how many times the company had been sold off. The company has been known for producing one of the best products available in the automotive industry since its inception and nothing has changed.

Jaguar Land Rover now has manufacturing plants in 5 countries across the world. Land Rover has some of the best global sales numbers in the past 10 years, with each year better than the one prior. Despite the price point, the quality, ingenuity, and reliability keep consumers coming back consistently. Land Rover has never failed its customers in the past 72 years and it’s safe to bet that they never will.