Infiniti Tires By Vehicle Model

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The History Of Infiniti

Infiniti was revealed to America in 1989 when Nissan devised a market strategy to try and compete with the more premium vehicle options on the market. This move was also made in an effort to compete against Toyota’s Lexus brand and Honda’s Acura premium brand. It was a valiant effort, but Infiniti would find it hard to keep up with Lexus and Acura due to multiple design issues that hindered the overall quality of the vehicles.

Infiniti wasn’t ready to lay down and die due to an unsuccessful start, so they continued to push and released even more models that were leagues above their predecessors. These vehicles, the Q45, and the M30 had features that would have put it in direct competition with many of the luxury vehicle offerings in the market at that time. This would give Infiniti the confidence to try their hand at the luxury sedan market for the first time and they would release the Infiniti J30 in 1992. The unusual styling and small interior doomed the vehicle and it was another failure for Infiniti on the luxury market.

The 90s were forgettable for Infiniti. By 2000, Infiniti was a brand that none desired, and the company was facing extinction. The company would later make a vow to keep up and finally compete in the market; they wouldn’t back down until they made this claim a reality. In 2001, Infiniti released the G35, based on the popular Nissan Skyline, and it changed the trajectory of the company. The G35 sports sedan was such a phenomenal hit that it was voted Motor Trend Car of the Year in 2003. Infiniti would go on to produce an entire line that would be known as the G series, which built on the rising success of the G35.

Infiniti’s most successful lineup, the G series, accounts for more than 60% of the company’s sales today. The G35 has the sole distinction as the car that saved the entire company when it was on the brink of being forgotten forever. Since 2012, Infiniti has miraculously increased its sales every calendar year across markets all over the world. The company was able to go back to the drawing board and successfully reposition itself as one of the top luxury brands in the world. Infiniti has even dipped into Formula One racing, collaborating on multiple projects together to further innovate all the automotive industry.

Infiniti’s history may not be as rich or deeply rooted as its competitors, but it was able to survive and learn from its mistakes, no matter how much those mistakes may have cost the company. By using their failure as a steppingstone and looking to the past for inspiration, Infiniti was able to become successful and revive the company when it was on life support. Infiniti’s success story should not be attributed to one car, but multiple vehicles. The company proved that no matter how many times it lost its grip on success, Infiniti would always find a way to recapture it once more.