Goodyear Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure With Kevlar Review

The Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure With Kevlar made by Goodyear, is a thick rugged tire that was launched in 2013. This tire was built with heavy duty compounds for resisting punctures during off-road excursions provides durability on gravel and rocky surfaces.

Review Highlights: The Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure with Kevlar is a decently quiet tire with a rugged design and good performance on both wet and dry surfaces. Handling of snow covered roads is decent, but ice can be a bit more challenging.

Goodyear partnered up with Dupont to implement Kevlar into their specially formulated rubber. Deep sipes can be found throughout this tire with plenty of biting edges which offers a high level of traction in various driving environments.

Goodyear boasts a 20% bonus on treadlife on this tire compared to its other Wrangler tires, and offers 44 sizes to fit trucks and SUVs.

Dry And Highway Performance

How well does this tire manage on dry surfaces?

Overall the Wrangler Adventure produces a firm road, but not in a bad way. Driving on the highway is quite comfortable with minimal to no noise at all.

We found that high and low speed handling is good. Steering response was good for a thick tire, while cornering was just acceptable.

Wet And Rain Performance

Does the Wrangler with Kevlar operate well on wet roads?

Traction in wet environments initially is pretty good when these tires are new. However some uneven wearing can cause loss of stability with this tire in some cases.

We didn’t notice any issues, and even with 4 wheel drive disengaged on a rear wheel drive truck, this tire does pretty well at sticking on a freshly doused road.

Winter, Snow And Ice Handling

How does the All-Terrain Wrangler deal with snow and ice?

With a stiff tread and tight casing,this tire does pretty well in the winter months. Traversing light and moderate amounts of snow is decent but not exceptional.

Ice is the weakest area for this tire despite the fact that the angled edges for gripping and biting are all over this tire.

Once again we believe that for what you are buying which is a capable tire on rough and rocky terrain, it does a decent job with anti-slippage.

Additional Specs And Information

Uniform Tire Quality Grade: Some models are rated at 640 AB and others have no rating at all.

Tire Weight Range: 35-60 pounds

Tread Depth Range: 11/32″ to 15/32″

Maximum Inflation Pressure: 51PSI and 80PSI depending on grade.

Warranty And Treadwear

How well does Tread hold up on the Wrangler Adventure?

While we were unable to see these tires for the rated 60,000 miles that is backed from Goodyear, many consumers have reported that they are getting about half of that before needing to replace the Wrangler Adventure tires.

This tire does come with the 6 years or 60,000 mile warranty on the tread, as well as a uniformity wear warranty for the first year and up to the first 2/32″ of depth.

Is It Worth The Money?

The Wrangler Adventure with Kevlar proves to be great in a specific area for consumers. If you haul trailers and also deal with unforgiving terrain or back-roads that can get sketchy, then this is going to be a good option.

The price is a bit higher than what some people would like to pay for a tire like this, but being the only tire that contains Kevlar, you would expert the cost to manufacture this tire is also higher than others.

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