Ford Tires By Vehicle Model

Check out the various vehicle models made by Ford Motor company below, to see which tire fits your comfort level and driving style.

  • Bronco
  • Ecosport
  • Escape
  • Expedition
  • Explorer
  • Mustang GT
  • Mustang Mach-E
  • Focus
  • Fusion
  • Ranger
  • Taurus
  • F150
  • F250
  • F350

Ford Motor Company History

Ford Motor Company, one of the illustrious automotive powerhouses, was officially founded by Henry Ford on June 16th, 1903.

Ford wasted very little time, assembling the first Ford car the following month in July. Despite how quickly the first official automobile was built, the vehicle’s concept was initially drafted 7 years prior. Henry Ford built the first Ford experimental car in Detroit in the workshop behind his home in 1896.

For Ford, the greatness of his company would not be fully recognized until 1908 when he released the legendary Model T. The Model T still ranks as one of the most sought-after vehicles in history; it revolutionized the automobile production methods.

The Model T’s remarkable sales led to the creation of the first U.S. branch assembly plant for the automotive industry in 1911 in Kansas City, Missouri, and the company’s first overseas production plant that was stationed in England. Two large milestones in one year that changed the automotive industry forever only three years after the Model T had been introduced to the public.

But Ford wasn’t done yet.

Two years after massively expanding his company, Henry Ford created the world’s first moving assembly line for cars. To ensure that he would always have good and hard workers, Ford also increased the daily wage for his employees, having workers receive more than double their daily pay while working 1 hour less.

By 1914, over half a million Model Ts were being driven on roads all across the world. By 1923, merely 15 years after the release of the Model T, the Ford Motor Company was producing more than half of the automobiles being manufactured in America.

Fast forward to today and Ford is still atop the automotive mountain as the 5th largest automaker in the world. The Model T has since been replaced with the Mustang serving as the current automotive mascot for one of the world’s largest automotive giants.

The luxurious Shelby versions of the car are Ford’s best offerings in today’s market, and they do not disappoint. The Ford Motor Company has stood the test of time, surviving recessions and refusing to quit even when facing the toughest of challenges. The company that started it all has stood the test of time and provided the world with an astounding 117 years of amazing service and innovation.

The current company logo, “Built Ford Proud”, along with plans up to remove 75% of its US lineup by the end of 2020, Ford is ready to innovate once again and create the next vehicle to revolutionize the automotive world. Ford has faced stiff competition from its rivals over the years, but the company is looking to create some distance and establish itself as the lead manufacturer of the world’s best cars.

The Ford Motor Company has persisted and found success for over a century and it won’t be slowing down any time soon.