Firestone WeatherGrip Review

The WeatherGrip is a capable Grand Touring All-Season tire made by Firestone. This tire is geared towards owners of CUVs, Vans, and medium size cars.

This review will focus on where the WeatherGrip excels, and where it could improve.

Below you will find a grading breakdown of the Firestone WeatherGrip.

  • Price
  • Treadwear
  • Traction
  • Comfort


The WeatherGrip from Firestone comes with a lot of upside and very little downside other than slight noise at higher speeds. This tire is easily a top 10 best in the All-Season tire category.


  • Comfort level is excellent during highway driving.
  • The price point on this tire is very good for what you get.
  • Traction in light snow is very good.


  • Slight road noise can be heard in certain driving environments.

Ride quality of this tire is very comfortable and light. The only issue is that road noise can be slightly noticeable at various speeds.

Typically, this is because of a more rugged tread pattern which we will cover shortly.

This is a good tire for a daily driver that wants the full spectrum of dependability for mild to moderate weather conditions.

Wet Traction Performance

Developed with Hydro-Grip Technology, these tires provide sustainable traction in mild to moderate rain conditions.

This minimizes any potential loss of control including hydroplaning.

Performance In Snow And Ice

Traction in the snow was good, and maneuverability was a bit slower as expected for safer tires of this caliber.

Stopping capability of this tire in moderate snow and ice is exceptional, and is at the top of our list for this category.

Gravel And Muddy Driving

This tire was not built to be driven in rocky conditions, but it performs just fine on gravel roads, offering plenty of grip.

Driving in slightly muddy conditions, or slush where dirt has mixed with snow is not a serious issue. The slower response tire in slush helps for any accidental over-steer from the driver.

Tread And Siping

The tread pattern is semi aggressive, and comes designed with independent blocks for better snow traction. This results in steering that feels a bit delayed when driven in dry conditions.

On the sidewall, you will find the 3 peak mountain snow flake badge (3PMSF), making this tire a top contender for snow laden roads.

While we don’t have data over 50,000 miles on this tire, the tread seems to wear very evenly when the same size tire is used across all 4 wheels.

Additional WeatherGrip Specs

Max Load Range: 1,235 – 2,094 pounds (Depending on size of tire)

Uniform Tire Quality Grade: 640AA

Tread Depth: 10/32″

Warranty And Rebates

The WeatherGrip comes with a modest 5 year or 65,000 mile warranty; whichever comes first.

As of this review (6/29/2020), a special 90 day buy and try warranty is also available from Firestone.

No road hazard warranty is included with these tires.

Should You Buy The WeatherGrip?

Ultimately, the Firestone WeatherGrip is going to be a great tire for someone that doesn’t want to replace tires all year around.

The following bullet points should bring you to the right conclusion if this tire is going to be worth buying for you.

  • Are you looking for something that will make you feel safer in mild to moderate winter conditions, then this is a decent option.
  • Do you want the ability to take a spring and summer vacation trip with a comfortable ride, then this tire is a good choice.
  • If you live in a warmer climate where there is a lot of rain and rarely snows, then this is not a good purchase.
  • Does the area you live in have heavy snow fall a good portion of the year? You should look at getting a dedicated snow tire instead.

Popular Vehicles For This Tire

  • Dodge Charger, Grand Caravan
  • Honda CRV, Civic, Ridgeline
  • Lexus NX300
  • RAM ProMaster City Wagon
  • Toyota Rav4, Solara
  • Hyundai Sonata
  • Nissan Murano, Juke
  • Volvo XC70 T6

Firestone WeatherGrip vs Goodyear WeatherReady Comparison

Updated info on this comparison chart is coming soon.

Final Thoughts

While the WeatherGrip does feel good in moderate snow, it seems to lack slightly in conditions with heavier rain.

This shouldn’t be a deal breaker for you if you want a great all around tire.

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