Falken Ziex ZE960 A/S Review

The Falken Ziex ZE960 A/S is a high-performance All-Season tire built for sedans, sports-coupes, and crossover vehicles.

Review Highlights: The Falken Ziex ZE960 performs well in mild snow and ice, and is nice and quiet on the highway. The wide angle tread slots help remove water rapidly to significantly minimize hydroplaning.

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The Falken Ziex ze960 has upgraded high-spec design features that it’s predecessor the ZE950 A/S struggled with. The Dynamic Range Technology with a silica tread compound makes the tire pliable even at low temperatures, enhancing the ability of the tire to cling onto most surfaces; even in difficult weather such as ice and snow.

The built in “Canyon Groove” feature provides for safer braking and operation under extreme conditions of snow and ice. The sculptured groove wall and wide-angle tread slot work in tandem to rapidly direct wet weather away from the tire, while ensuring that snow collects in the center of the tire in order to enhance grip in snowy terrains.

Tread Life

Depending on which speed bracket you opt for, Falken offers a tread life warranty of 45,000 (W speed rating) to 65,000 miles (H and V speed rating).

The entire point of these tires is there excellently designed tread, made to take on anything in all seasons. It features super wide grooves around the circumference of the tire to direct water away from the tread face, as well as featuring grooves specifically designed for light snowfall called the “sculptured groove wall”.

Speed Rating

The Falken Ziex ZE960 comes in three different speed ratings: W, H, and V. At the W speed rating, the tire was recorded at 168mph. The V rating is 149mph, and the H rating at 130mph.

As typically found with multiple speed rated tires, the higher rated products will cost more.


Currently there is a $60 rebate for the Falken Ziex ZE960 when you purchase 4 new tires. This is likely to last over the next few seasons since these tires were released towards the end of 2019 as a replacement to the 950 series.

Road Noise

The Falken Ziex ZE960 received a significant upgrade from the ZE950, which had complaints about being loud. The improved changes deliver performance along with a low noise volume than most typical high-performance tires.

Performance By Season

Dry Conditions

The Falken Ziex ZE960 has been noted to drive exceptionally in dry weather. It allows one to drive more aggressively whilst still maintaining traction at a high speed, though has been reported as being slightly noisy on dry roads as well as not responding amazingly to changes in steering. Overall, though, it is said to perform its best in dry conditions, offering consistency and reliability at each turn and break.

Wet Conditions

The tire is said to perform equally as well in wet conditions as it does in dry conditions. This is likely thanks to the various technologies that are built into this tire in order to keep water away from the tread face- there are no reports of the tires losing grip or traction at any point, handling turns and aggressive driving just as well as it does in dry conditions.


As the Falken Ziex ZE960 is an all-season tire, this means it can also handle light winter conditions such as light snowfall and ice. It is said to do so exceptionally well. Falken’s “canyon sipe” technology was implemented on this tire, which increases the amount of edge on the tire so that it can brake better over ice. The Dynamic Range Technology also sees that grip is increased during light snow, ensuring that the performance is almost as good as if you were driving in dry conditions.


The tires are reported as being incredibly comfortable to drive in, in all weathers. In this sense, ‘comfort’ refers to how smooth they make the ride. On highways especially, they’re reported as being one of the most comfortable tires out there, ensuring one of the smoothest car rides you’ll have. This is unusual for a sporty tire, which are usually noisy or uncomfortable on the road.


These tires are typically around $66 per tire before labor costs. For a tire that is of such high quality, this is a pretty good price, particularly in comparison to some high-performance rubber tires that are popular on the market today.

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Average Customer Reviews

On average, the vast majority of consumers who bought and used this tire were happy with it. Most reviews site its great high-speed performance as a perk, whilst still maintaining that secure grip and traction required for more challenging terrains and conditions. It is reported as having excellent handling and being noticeably responsive to steering patterns, with an average of around 4.4/5 stars on Pep Boys.


This tire doesn’t seem to have many downsides, and works great as an all-season tire. The only trade-offs are the fact that tighter handling means that ‘comfort’ is slightly compromised.

This tire was built for high speeds but does lose a little cornering ability. Depending on how aggressive of a driver you are, these tires are a bit soft, so they can wear down the tread much quicker if there is hard take-offs and stops. Even though they do have the 40k to 65k mile warranty, if you’re looking for extremely long-wearing tread, you may want to look at another tire.

Finally, fuel economy is slightly lower with these tires because of the high level of grip.


Falken is now offering a road-hazard protection if any of your ZE960 tires become damaged in the first 2 years. If the tire can’t be repaired, you will get a free replacement at no charge. Some restrictions may apply, and if you allow the tread to fall below the standard 3/32 inch of trade you will lose out on this deal.

Final Remarks

If you own a sedan or  midsize sports-coupe this tire will work great for a spirited driver looking for an edge in performance. The asymmetric tread design purposefully directs weather such as mud and snow to the center of the tire in order to provide better grip in what are traditionally difficult driving conditions. These tires are quiet, provide ultra-grip in all seasons, and are incredibly comfortable to drive.

They’re also much more cost effective than some of their counterparts- they’re as good as a tire can get without entering the realm of high-performance rubber. If you’re looking for a cost-effective tire that can handle all weathers and comes with a mileage warranty, you’ve found the one!

These tires drive like a dream, and with them being on the slightly cheaper end of the tire budget scale, they’re perfect for someone looking to dip their toe into all-season, high-performance tires. If you’re a relatively new owner of a sedan, sports-coupe or crossover car, these tires hit the mark every time.

Particularly if you live in a cold area where you frequently drive over snow and ice, these are a perfect first introduction into high-performance tires whilst providing you with the safety and comfort you need for those difficult drives.

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