Dodge Tires By Vehicle Model

Choose one of the plentiful Dodge vehicles below to see which tire is going to work well for you in your local driving environment.

  • Challenger
  • Charger
  • Durango
  • Grand Caravan
  • Journey
  • Ram 1500
  • Ram 2500
  • Ram 3500

The History Of Dodge

Dodge was founded over 100 years ago in 1900 by the Dodge brothers, Horace and John, in Detroit, Michigan. The company didn’t start off making vehicles; the Dodge Brothers Company manufactured precision engine and other automotive components for other companies in the market. One of the most notable companies that the Dodge Brothers Company serviced was the Ford Motor Company, which was at the very top of the U.S. market at the time. The Dodge brothers were chosen by Henry Ford to supply various parts for his original Model A automobile and eventually he would offer the Dodge brothers a 10% share in his new company.

The Dodge Brothers moved into automobile production in 1913 when the Dodge Motor Company was established. By 1914, Dodge was debuting their new car, the four-cylinder Dodge Model 30/35, which was truly ahead of its time and class. Sporting an all-steel body, 12-volt electrical system, a sliding transmission, and a 35-horsepower engine, the 30/35 was a car that was head and shoulders above anything the competition could produce during that era. By the year 1916, Dodge ranked second in the U.S. for sales, behind only the Ford Motor Company at the time.

A horrible tragedy would befall the company in 1920 as both Horace and John Dodge both passed due to sickness. The company would fall into the hands of their wives and the two women did everything that they possibly could to keep the company afloat; but by 1925, production had stagnated, and the company hit a wall. The wives decided that it was time to sell the company, and that’s exactly what they did. In what was once the largest transaction in American history, the Dodge Motor Company was sold for an astounding $146 million and the time to try and revive the company to its former glory had begun.

Unfortunately, by 1928, Dodge had to be sold to the then-new Chrysler Corporation and by 1929, Dodge was producing all of Chrysler’s trucks. After World War II, Dodge would go on to release its first V8-engine, which it dubbed the Red Ram Hemi in 1949. By 1966, Dodge would release the Charger, and the car would become a regular winner on the NASCAR circuit for the next four years, dominating the competition. The Charge changed racing forever after its release.

In 1998, Chrysler Corporation merged with Daimler-Benz AG and Dodge would become the official performance division of Daimler-Benz AG. 11 years later, after an unsuccessful partnership, Chrysler filed for bankruptcy in 2009, but the company would be saved the same year after Fiat partnered with the company and brought Dodge back from the brink of extinction.

Currently, Dodge has focused solely on the production of his performance-based models such as the Charger, Challenger, and Durango, which are, undoubtedly, the company’s three most successful vehicles. Since its inception over 100 years ago, Dodge has continued to produce some of the best cars on the market for both leisure and sport, and the company’s best years are still to come.