How To Buy Tires Online And Install Locally

Are tires worth buying online with added shipping costs?

Is it a problem to have tires installed locally after purchasing them online?

This article will answer those questions and many more.

First let’s look at why the trend has shifted for many to buying online.

tires for sale

Most of the tires you find at a local tire shop are stocked for selling in volume.

Meaning, if there is a specific Pirelli or Yokohama tire you want, there is no guarantee it will be in stock.

This is the reason many people order online, and have the tires shipped to the shop.

Cost Online vs Locally

In order to get a true a true cost comparison, we called a local shop and received a quote.

This quote was for 4 purchased Goodyear tires with mounting and balancing.

Next, we went online and received a total at checkout for the same tires with shipping.

Additionally, we added on the price of having those tires mounted and balanced locally.

Typically the range of mounting and balancing is between $15 and $45 per tire, depending on the vehicle type.

How did the two prices compare?

Costs for buying online were lower than buying locally.

You can see our example below for a breakdown.

As you can see, even with shipping added on with the online purchase, we still received a better deal.

Problems With Installation?

One of the big worries that many people have when ordering online, is how they will be treated locally at a shop when it comes time for installation.

Companies such as TireRack and SimpleTire, have deals with tires shops around the country on installation.

This means, local tires shops are already expecting online purchases, resulting in a win for everyone involved.

Price Vs Performance

As we briefly touched on earlier, performance tires you might be looking to buy online, simply aren’t available locally sometimes.

If price is the biggest factor in purchasing tires, then locally might be the way to go.

Places like Walmart have some great deals on cheap tires.

You may not get the performance you want, but if that isn’t important, you probably shouldn’t be buying online.

On the other hand, some great deals can be had online if performance is one of your top purchasing factors.

What About Amazon?

Have you found the right tires on Amazon but feel unsure about checking out.

Amazon also offers the same seamless process as TireRack.

During the checkout process, you have the option for tires to be shipped to a local tire store.

Once those tires are received, you simply drive over and begin the process of having the tires installed.

7 Tips For A Seamless Experience

If this is your first time considering a tire purchase online, we want to share some tips that will make a difference.

  1. Check the price locally on mounting and balancing before buying. Some tire shops charge much less.
  2. Make sure the tires you purchase will fit your current wheels. Read the sidewall on current tires to get a proper sizing.
  3. Read complete reviews before making a choice. Figure out what your top priorities (Comfort, Traction, Treadwear) are before deciding on a tire.
  4. Compare price between online tire companies and Amazon to get the best price possible.
  5. Take advantage of rebates and coupon codes to get an even better deal.

Final Thoughts

Buying tires online doesn’t have to be difficult.

In fact, most who buy online typically continue that habit once they realize the savings that can be had on premium tires.

Now it’s your turn, you got this!