BFGoodrich Tire Reviews And Ratings

BFGoodrich tire company was founded in 1870 by Benjamin Goodrich.

Known for building the first radial tires found on vehicles, the history of the BFG brand is strong.

In 1990 Michelin tire company took over BFGoodrich along with Uniroyal.

Today the company mostly produces tires for high performance and off-road vehicles as well as ATVs.

The most popular line of tires which remains the companies bread and butter for sales each year is the G-force brand.

Are BFGoodrich Tires Worth The Money?

For many years now, the BFGoodrich brand has been an innovator in off-road and mud terrains. This is the area that the company thrives, and continues to innovate.

After developing the first tubeless tire in 1947 the company went on to patent one of the first run-flats ever created in 1967.

BFGoodrich makes quality products in America which is why so many love the brand, despite the fact that they are a much smaller manufacturer than their parent company.

To get a better sense of the values and goals of the company, take a look at their mission page where their motto is, “Work Hard. Play Hard. Drive Hard”.

Additional accolades that have won over a loyal fan base include numerous racing competitions that have been won by vehicles outfitted with BFGoodrich tires over the years.

Prices are not really much different than other tire manufacturers, but can be slightly higher in some cases because they are not made overseas or in places like Mexico.

List Of Tires And Reviews

Below is a current list of tires currently being manufactured. You can read the corresponding reviews next to each item.

All-Season Tires

Winter Tires

  • Commercial T/A Traction

Summer Tires

  • G-Force R1
  • G-Force Rival S
  • G-Force Sport Comp-2

All-Weather Tires

  • Advantage T/A Sport LT
  • All-Terrain T/A K02