Advanta HPZ-01 Tire Review

The HPZ-01 from Advanta tire company is labeled as a high performance All-Season tire capable of speeds that some spirited drivers might call ‘the usual’.

The wide contact tread pattern allows for decent traction, and resembles more of a summer tire in our opinion. Four primary tread grooves run down the center of the tire with offshoots of smaller horizontal grooves for expelling water.

Performance on Dry Surfaces and Pavement

The Advanta HPZ-01 is a capable tire on dry surfaces and seems to perform best in summer and spring time when pavement is clear of water and snow.

Heavy contact points across the tire provide decent grip with take-offs stopping, while steering and handling on roads in town are also modest.

If you are looking for a comfortable ride with a quiet experience, the HPZ-01 does well in that area. The noise treated tread design provide a relaxed environment within the vehicle cabin, so you don’t need to feel like turning up your music is a solution.

Rain And Snow Performance

Rain and wet roads provide solid response and traction on a fresh set of tires with as the curving long corner sipes quickly remove water for stability and safety.

Handling in winter seem to provide mixed results based on what we can see from consumer reviews. Being that this is an All-Season tire made for SUV’s and Trucks we believe winter driving situations with heavy snow and ice may not be satisfactory for some drivers using this tire.

The treadlife on the HPZ-01 is not intended for long distance drivers who want to squeeze 100k miles from these tires; so if you expect high mileage from these, you may want to opt for something else as this tire is rated for 40,000 miles.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as many high performance tires typically have a shorter life on the road due to their aggressive nature with gripping roads for their intended environment.

Gravel And Rocky Terrain

This is not an A/T tire, so that being said, the performance you will get out of the HPZ-01 would not make it a good off-road tire.

It can manage basic gravel roads to get you where you need to go, but beyond that, any major deterrents in the road will pose a problem.

Additional Specs

Uniform Tire Quality Grade: 420 AA A

Tread Depth: 10/32″

Available Sizes: 33

Load Index: 85-118

Final Thoughts

The Advanta HPZ-01 is adequate and capable for anyone looking for some XL wide tires for a truck or SUV. If you live in a warm climate most of the year, you might consider buying this tire as the price is fair and not quite expensive as other high performance tires in the same space.

We believe there are some better options out there which may appeal to those wanting to spend a little more money for improved traction in winter and ice weather. If you are looking for something dedicated to snow for improved safety then you would be better off getting a tire like the Blizzak WS 90 to handle treacherous roads for several months out of the year.

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