Acura Tires By Vehicle Model

Acura is the first Japanese luxury brand created by parent company Honda in 1986.

The first two car models produced by the company,were the Legend and Integra.

These vehicles quickly became a hit in the American market, as Acura had their sights on building a Super car.

Acura quickly cemented it’s name in history with the NSX, which many consider today to be one of the most classic Japanese super cars ever built.

Acura currently sells well over 150,000 vehicles per year across the world.

Below you will find each vehicle from Acura with ratings and reviews of the top tires for each model.

  • Integra
  • ILX
  • RDX
  • MDX
  • RSX
  • TLX
  • NSX
  • Legend
  • TSX